RowLayout overlap when resize the app

  • Hello,

    I created a layout for my app, inside a Flickable put a ColumnLayout
    with 3 RowLayout, inside each RowLayout I put a ListView, like show in
    the code at the end. The app show like in the following link

    But when I change the size of the app the last RowLayout overlap with
    the second RowLayout

    I would wait that when resize the app use the scroll for the items that
    can't show, but instead of, overlap them.

    Any idea how can I solve this issue?

    Flickable {
        anchors.fill: parent
        ColumnLayout {
            Layout.fillHeight: true
            RowLayout {}
            RowLayout {}
            RowLayout {}
        ScrollBar.vertical: ScrollBar {
                    //id: vScrollBar
                    active: true

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