Best way to save values from UI

  • I'm writing an application for the Raspberry Pi and am looking for some best practices or ideas on how to save values the user enters in the screens I have setup.

    I have a drawer menu setup to access different screens, one of which contains a swipe view. The screens are pretty simple, they are just labels with text fields. The exception to this is that I created a reusable component with a couple of tumblers that I added to the swipe view pages. The swipe view pages also have a couple of grid views with repeaters that contain text fields. Each grid view is a little different from each other so I decided not to create a component to reuse on each of the pages.

    My question is what is the best way to go about saving these values off so that they can be used to control various events in my application? I thought about following the uiforms example ( because some of the data is the same, but then also thought about just going through each field and saving the data off without using a singleton because there are differences. Am I splitting hairs?

    I might be making this harder than it should be so I thought I would see what the community has to say.

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