Help with qt and msvc2013

  • Hi am interesting to install qt with msvc2013 but i dont know the steps. I dont know if i can use this version with qtcreator or i need visual studio. Some one can take me more details. Thanks in advance.

  • Hi, first you need msvc2013 installed on your computer. If you don't want to buy it, you can download the community edition here . Then try installing Qt and say you want the 32-bit msvc2013 option. Good luck!

  • hi and when i install all i can use msvc2013 since qtcreator or i use only visual studio thanks in advance and sorry again for all.

  • You can use msvc2013 same as before when you install Qt. You can write C++ programs in Visual Studio but to write Qt programs you should use Qt Creator.

    (The only thing that can be difficult is debugging, I myself use only printf() debugging but when you want a more modern debugging, you need to download Debugging Tools for Windows.)

  • Just be sure the QT version you install has msvc2013 target / kit.
    You may also uncheck other targets irrelevant to your project such as android and arm targets.

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