std::bad_alloc error while appending to QString

  • Hi everyone and thanks for your care to this question.

    I`m writing a class, that gets a base URL, and 2 QStringLists of parametr values and names, then appends them to the base url to make a working URL, send request and get reply.

    The problem is, the program crashes whie appending to the finalURL. see this code:

    void NetworkObject::makeURL()
        qDebug() << _finalURL.toLatin1();
        for (int i = 0; i < _varNameList.size(); i++)
            _finalURL.append(_varValueList[i]); //##
            if (i =! _varNameList.size() - 1)

    Using debugger, I found it occurs on the line marked with ##.

    Something makes me amazed and that is, I made a mistake before, and instead of that if statement, just wrote:


    and it had no error in this scope.

  • @Ali-Rashidi
    I would have

    _finalURL = _baseURL;

    as the first line. That way you're sure that you know _finalURL is not filled with results from previous calls. std::bad_alloc would suggest that you're running out of memory. These days that's pretty hard to do.

    As an aside, did you consider using QStringList::join?


  • Lifetime Qt Champion


    The if looks wrong to me

    if (i =! _varNameList.size() - 1)

    I would expect

    if ( i ! = _varNameList.size() - 1)

    Also as Mike says, it sounds like out of memory but URLs are normally not that big.
    Have you tried qDebug() << varNameList[i]; to see what u are appending?
    (in the loop)

  • @mrjj Oh I forgot that, however, I still faced SEGFAULT using this approach in another part, so changed the method completely, thanks for help

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