Can't connect to secure websocket server after receiving large json message

  • Hello,

    I implemented a SSL websocket server based on the example (SSL Echo Server Example) and generated my certificates with OpenSSL. It works basically, but unfortunately after the client sends a larger message (like 5MB) my websocket server doesn't allow any connections anymore. I don't get any error message, my client just sees the "connecting..." message.

    It takes more or less 1 minute to receive the whole message for the websocket server. The entire message was received correctly, but afterwards no new connections are possible.

    I noticed that problem since I used SSL websocket instead of unsecure websocket.

    Any ideas what could be the problem here? thanks

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    @Hans-Hupe What does the server do with the message? Maybe it's hanging?

  • No it's not hanging. The server receives the entire message, parses it correctly and continues the workflow as expected. But the websocket server is not reachable any more. This behaviour is not always reproduceable, but after my observations it's clearly related to the big json message.

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