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Need help with Qt QActive and Outlook

  • Context: I generally program under Linux so most of this is new territory for me.

    So I have a destination email, a template in html (w/ jpg images) for the body of the email and using Qt I want to open Outlook with a draft containing template in the body and the ' to: ' field set to the destination email.

    I see documentation about QActive and some sort of dump process to get the outlook object, but I don't see any documentation about the methods of the Outlook object. Being that I don't see any QOutlook object, I'm guessing I have to rely on some sort of MS documentation, but don't know what to look for or what programming language it's in for that matter. Any pointers?

  • Hi, I'm sure you can do it in ActiveQt but have you looked at QDesktopServices ? I've used it to send simple text-only emails from Outlook. To test it, create a vanilla Widgets app, then in mainwindow.cpp add:

    #include "QUrl"
    #include "QDesktopServices"

    Then add this line after ui->setupUi(this):

    QDesktopServices::openUrl(QUrl(" from Qt&body=Hello\nThis is line 2", QUrl::TolerantMode));

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