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selectedRows() on TreeView with ExtendedSelection is one step behind

  • Hi everyone,
    I have a treeview in the qml, the selection mode is ExtendedSelection. Whenever the selected index changes by the user I need to exactly know which tree rows are selected. Here is the TreeView:

    Controls.TreeView {
                 id: myTreeView
                 Controls.TableViewColumn {
                      title: "Name"
                      role: "name"
                 headerVisible: false
                 anchors.fill: parent
                 selection: ItemSelectionModel {
                    onCurrentIndexChanged: {
                 selectionMode: Controls.SelectionMode.ExtendedSelection
                 onDoubleClicked: {
                  if (isExpanded(index))

    In the example above I just try to print the selected rows to the console to make sure I have the right selection. currentIndex always holds the last selected index(as expected), but the selection.selectedRows() which is supposed to hold all the rows that are currently selected, is always one step behind. For example:

    if user (while holding Ctrl) selects rows 1, 2, 3 one by one the selection.selectedRows() will be null, "1", "1,2" and currentIndex will be 1, 2, 3 respectively. Combining these two together, one can get the list of all indexes that are in selected state.
    My problem is that if the user releases the Ctrl and selects row 4, then the selection.selectedRows() will be "1,2,3" although it should be null.
    To summarize it is not possible to distinguish between the case that the user selects (holding Ctrl) rows 1,2,3,4 and the case in which user first selects rows (holding Ctrl) 1,2,3 and then releases Ctrl and just selects row 4.

    I have also tested with myTreeView.selection.selectedIndexes, but still the same behaviour.
    It looks like a bug in TreeView to me, please advice how to solve.


  • Moderators

    onCurrentIndexChanged may not be the appropriate handler for this scenario. Try using onSelectionChanged:

    ItemSelectionModel {
        model: myModel
        onSelectionChanged: {

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