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Qt 5.7 on Linux

  • Hi, I run Linux mint 17 which installs Qt 5.2.0, I wish to develop on Qt 5.7.0. Is It possible to install 5.7.0 on the computer t0 develop on without interfering with the 5.2.0 installation?

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    Yes it is. You can use the online installer for example. The installer doesn't modify your OS installation. By default it installs itself in your home folder so there's no risk of clash.

  • I've read that its best to put it in /opt/Qt-5.x.x so that you can run different versions of Qt, is that recommended or would it be best to put it in the home directory?


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    Unless there are several users on your computer that should share the setup, there's no need for that. The installer already does the separation of the various Qt you could install with it. Best to use the online installer for easier update.

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