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    Arm64-v8a architecture is getting more and more popular on Android devices. I searched but couldn't even find a good tutorial to compile it myself. Is there anything out there to help me get going?


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    You have information and links to information about that here.

  • @SGaist
    i am building up android arm64-v8a from source code,
    but i have problem about configure setting,
    i use the option -prefix {path} []
    and it did installed in {path} perfectly, but i want to use the arm64-v8a lib at different location or even difference computer,
    the qt creator show error :
    Cannot read {path}/mkspecs/android-g++/qmake.conf: No such file or directory
    when i put arm64-v8a to other position: ~/Qt/qt5/arm64-v8a and add qmake in qt creator
    but it always got errors, and point to prefix {path}

    Is there any solution about this?
    or should i remove -prefix option

    btw, i am using mac

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    Do you mean you are moving your Qt installation around on your computer ?

  • @SGaist
    yes, you are right.
    but i got it, there is a file named qt.conf in android_armv7a/bin
    i used it in android_arm64-v8a/bin/qt.conf as well, and it worked.

    in qt.conf, i placed this then i could move it to anywhere

    Prefix: ..

    and below was how i built the library

    git clone git:// qt5
    cd qt5
    perl init-repository
    ./configure \
    -confirm-license \
    -opensource \
    -xplatform android-g++ \
    -nomake tests \
    -nomake examples \
    -android-ndk /usr/local/Cellar/android-ndk/r10e \
    -android-sdk ~/Documents/android-sdk-macosx \
    -android-ndk-host darwin-x86_64 \
    -android-toolchain-version 4.9 \
    -android-arch arm64-v8a \
    -android-ndk-platform android-21 \
    -skip qtdeclarative \
    -skip qttranslations \
    -skip qtserialport \
    -no-warnings-are-errors \
    -no-compile-examples \
    -no-sql-mysql \
    -no-sql-psql \
    -prefix ~/Documents/Qt/android_arm64-v8a \
    -prefix-install \
    -openssl \
    -I /usr/local/Cellar/openssl/1.0.2k/include -L /usr/local/Cellar/openssl/1.0.2k/lib
    make -j4
    make -j4 install

  • i upload my build artifact in github:

    anyone can skip build and download to use it

  • @love8879201 Hello, with what can I say that I can have a simile and compile my codes on my cell phone? Because it has arm64-v8a and it does not let me

  • @love8879201 Why do you use darwin library to compile qt for android?

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