TextArea won't scroll up when new text added.

  • I have the following implementation of a simple console type window for scrolling text output:

    Rectangle {
        id: consoleOutput_rectangle
        x: 40
        y: 112
        width: 720
        height: 400
        color: "#ffffff"
        Flickable {
            id: flickable
            anchors.fill: parent
            contentWidth: consoleOutput_textArea.width
            contentHeight: consoleOutput_textArea.height
            flickableDirection: Flickable.VerticalFlick
            clip: true
            TextArea {
                id: consoleOutput_textArea
                objectName: "ConsoleTextObject"
                anchors.fill: parent
                text: qsTr("Initial Text Area Text")
                wrapMode: Text.WordWrap
                onTextChanged: {
                    console.log("OnTextChanged - height: " + consoleOutput_textArea.height + " " + flickable.height)
                    if (consoleOutput_textArea.height > flickable.height) {
                        flickable.contentY = consoleOutput_textArea.height - flickable.height
                        console.log("OnTextChanged - contentY changed to: " + flickable.contentY)
                function appendText(additionalText) {
                    text += additionalText
            ScrollBar.vertical: ScrollBar {}

    If I use this to add text at the bottom from C++ code, using the append function of TextArea:

        QMetaObject::invokeMethod(mConsoleTextObject, "append", Q_ARG(QString, additionalText));

    it works except that append is line oriented, meaning it inserts a line feed after every line. So I added the appendText function seen in the QML above and invoke it like this:

        QMetaObject::invokeMethod(mConsoleTextObject, "appendText", Q_ARG(QVariant, additionalText));

    It works, except that now the text does not scroll up when it reaches the bottom. The console.log statements indicate that the onTextChanged functions is being called and the contentY number seems to be correct.

    Am I missing some kind of repaint/update that's built into the native append? (I tried to call flickable.update() but it complained that the is no content in the flickable.)

  • Hi,
    please post full your qml code, I have tried it without problem.

  • It is mentioned in the docs:

    Appends a new paragraph with text to the end of the TextEdit.

    In order to append without inserting a new paragraph, call myTextEdit.insert(myTextEdit.length, text) instead.

  • @jpnurmi - Thanks, that solved my problem.

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