Qt app crashes on Win 7 unless AA_UseDesktopOpenGL is set explicitly

  • I have a computer with Windows 7 where my QtQuick 2 Qt 5.7.0 app crashes. I have to explicitly set app.setAttribute(AA_UseDesktopOpenGL), then my application on this particular computer works.

    Is there a way to automatically handle this situation? I don't know how safe it is to hard set app.setAttribute(AA_UseDesktopOpenGL). I would rather detect whether the app will run on the PC and if not then set app.setAttribute(AA_UseDesktopOpenGL). Is there a way to accomplish this automatically without user seeing anything (mainly app crash popup)?

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    Did you check where it crash ?
    You might be able to detect that init did not work and then switch to


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    Also as Chris mentioned here this attribute should be set before you have the application object. As a rule of thumb, don't call static functions like methods, it only creates confusion.

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