How to Connect Qt with VLC lib

  • Could anyone give the step by step procedure for installin vlc-qt lib and use it in mingw Qt creator


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    I dont think such step by step tutorial exists. (sadly)
    It seems to use cmake so u might need to install that as Qt comes with qmake.
    Then you need to read
    There is no example for mingw32-make so you need to find out how to specify
    it - so it creates a make file that works.

    When you have build it and have the dlls.
    then you must read
    To see how to add them into your project.

  • hello mrjj,
    Thanks for the reply .I tried these links before but it didnt help much. I installed cmake and all and tried to confugure but not able to do it. :-(

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    I have never used Cmake so dont know what to write.

    But you should show what you write to try build it
    and what errors
    you get so people here can give advice.

    Its like 2 parts.
    Part 1: Get /build the DLL(s)
    Part 2: use the DLL

    So you need to be more informative about what u have done, what happened,
    what it wrote (exactly).

    Else it pretty impossible unless you strike gold and user did build the vlc lib and can tell.

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