Squish 6.1 Release with Visual Verification Points

  • Squish 6.1 Release with Visual Verification Points

    About twelve months after the release of Squish 6.0, we are proud and excited to make available Squish 6.1 which delivers several new features including:

    • Visual Verification Points

    • Window and Screen API

    • QtWebEngine support

    • Improved Squish installer

    • Cross-platform clipboard access

    • Object snapshot dumping functionality

    • Correlation algorithm for screenshot comparisons

    • Android 7.0 "Nougat" and iOS Xcode 8 Simulator support

    • Android UI Automator API access

    • ...

    The full announcement and release notes can be found at https://www.froglogic.com/news-events/index.php?id=squish-6.1-released.html

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