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QtCreator 4.1.0 freezes Windows 7 x64

  • It starts normally but many actions cause constant freezes — opening files and anything that should bring open/save dialog, changing language / theme, saving settings, opening gui editor (and possible some other actions too). And not is not some slowdown — it freezes for good. It doesn't load CPU (0.00%) and doesn't seem to leak memory on this state too. Same was on 4.0.3 bundled with Qt 5.7.
    I tried installing it on other machines (including VM) and it works fine everywhere but my PC. I'm pretty sure it's not antivirus, but I have no idea what else can cause this problem. I would appreciate any suggestions.
    Also previously I used old Qt Creator 3.1.2 and it never had those problems.

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    You could check if your display drivers is up to date.

    Also, when you reinstalled did you clear its data folder ?

    Also, in Creator , you can enable / disable plugins. Disable all you dont need/use.
    ( Help->About plugins -> Load check mark)

  • Thanks for the help. I checked plugins and it seems all those problems are caused by "Welcome" plugin. I disabled it and all freezes are gone. Now it's not like I cannot work without welcome screen, but I kinda like it, so maybe there's a way to fix "Welcome"?

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    Often the welcome screen
    can have issues with screen drivers.
    Not sure why. If you have intel drivers
    make sure your openGL is happy/works.

    Most of what Welcome offer is also in file menu, but yes its handy.

    Not sure what else could be issue.

  • Updating graphic drivers solved Welcome issues.

    Thanks a lot.

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    Super. thank you for reporting back.

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    @mrjj said in QtCreator 4.1.0 freezes Windows 7 x64:

    Often the welcome screen
    can have issues with screen drivers.
    Not sure why.

    Because the welcome screen is written using Qt Quick, which currently requires OpenGL 2.0 or later. Therefore, the welcome screen is affected by the quality of your graphics drivers.

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    Thank you.
    Yeah the champ also told it was QML - which at first was a bit like
    why the heck use QML to display a used project list?

    But it is also the example browser
    and it is a slightly fancy view and then it makes more sense. :)

    for anyone interested.

  • If your hardware OpenGL is flaky you can switch to a software OpenGL renderer.

    Qt Creator ships with a software OpenGL renderer, namely c:\Qt\qtcreator-4.1.0\bin\opengl32sw.dll. I have now idea when it's being used.

    You can force Qt Creator to use it by renaming opengl32sw.dll to opengl32.dll. You don't need to disable plugins or fear from freezes from now now.

  • @AlienOvermind See my response about software OpenGL.

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