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Mouse tracking working intermittently after full screen

  • My application has some widgets that use setMouseTracking(true) so that they can receive move events and react to mouse hover.

    This works fine in practice. However, my application has a feature where you can open a new detached widget and showFullScreen(). After closing the full screen widget, focus returns to my main window but mouse tracking is no longer working.

    I can interact with widgets as if the window has normal focus. I implemented a quick check and confirmed that widgets that are supposed to have tracking still hasMouseTracking() == true

    After a lot of clicking around, the widgets in question eventual return to active mouse tracking.

    Is there some aspect of focus that Mac handles differently ? - On Linux I don't have this problem at all.

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    Fullscreen in OS X and fullscreen in other OSes are different beasts so you may very well have uncovered something.

    Can you reproduce that with a minimal compilable example ?

  • I tried to make a minimal example but so far I cannot replicate the problem.

    It's very weird. If I only move the mouse over the window, on and off of the tracked widgets without any clicking then eventually tracking will re-activate.

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    Got any mouse event related function reimplement in one of your widgets ?

  • Mouse tracking on two custom widgets as I already mentioned, a QGraphicsView/Scene with dropEvents and mouse event stuff for clicking and dragging graphics items around.

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    Did you call the base class implementation in your re-implented version ?

  • I tried with and without but it made no difference.

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    Then one thing you can do is disable all your widgets and enable them one by one until you have the bug starting again.

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