Qt-creator msys2 Segmentaion Fault

  • I tried to install qt-creator in the MSYS2 environment. Operating system windows7-32 bits

    $ pacman -Syuu
    $ pacman -S  mingw-w64-i686-qt-creator

    when I try to run qt creator using this command

    MINGW32 ~
    $ qtcreator
    Segmentation fault

    occured "seg fault" error. Does anyone have any suggestions, where they can be the causes of the problem ??


    MSYS ~
    $ qtcreator -version
    //qt-creator 4.1.0 based on  Qt 5.6.1


    asistant.exe   //work OK
    designer.exe   //work OK
    qtcreator.exe   //not working !!!

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    @mateczek Try to start with "-noload Welcome" parameter

  • @jsulm Thank You for this suggestion.

    $ qtcreator -noload Welcome
    Segmentation fault

    This command also generates fault, but I tried

     MINGW32 ~
    $ qtcreator -noload all -load Core //Start OK 

    And qt-creator start without error. At the moment i must only find bad plugin

    I find bad plugin. it is QmlProfiler!!!! Thanks You very much

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