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QToolButton that works as a QCheckBox

  • Hello,

    I would like to make three QCheckBoxes, each one having its own picture when it's checked and when it's unchecked. I found this on Google but that seems to make all QCheckBoxes work with the same pictures. How can I fix that? Must I use style sheets to accomplish this anyway?

    Not sure if this information is useful, but these QCheckBoxes would be clickable inside a QGraphicsView/QGraphicsScene system. Not inside a simple QMainWindow.

    Thanks a lot for your input!

  • Moderators

    QToolButtons support images/icons and can also be set checkable.
    If you want them mutual exclusive you can put them into a QButtonGroup.

    Alternatively you can try to do that:

    QCheckBox#MyObjectName::indicator:checked {

    But i guess this won't be accepted by the QSS parser.
    As a workaround you can wrap each checkbox around a container widget and set the object name on it.

    QWidget#MyObjectName > QCheckBox::indicator:checked {

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