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Sequential animation that creates images

  • i need a sequential animation where an image is created and it rises as small and becomes larger and then this image moves on the left of the screen while another image expands to the right and this last one is anchors on the vertical-right center corner of the first one. how to create it, ideas?

  • Just a sequence of property animations will help you.
    I think you will better go with pre-created invisible images. Of course you can create them by script in animation, but it will be harder I think.

  • As Denis suggest, you can try these 2 ways

    1. Firstly, create them by script, and do something like this:
      Image {
      id: yourImg
      source: "....."

       Component.onCompleted: {
           // Run your animation here


    2. Make them invisible first, and using SequentialAnimation with PropertyAnimation or NumberAnimation

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