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Cleaning for succesive builds on OSX does not help.

  • I am compiling alt-coin Qt-wallets on OSX with Qt-Creator 5.3.2.

    The code as it comes is not always fully set up for Qt 5 and needs some tweaks. There is occasionally the need to add a few files into the process, to add these files requires a fresh compile from scratch, but I often have problems.

    clean does not work for succesive attempts.

    and even quitting Qt-Creator, deleting all the obvious files :, and the contents of the compling folder (including build and makefile and more)
    does not seem to help, with succesive attempts still failing to read the added files.

    Is there anything else to clean that I am missing?

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    @chips-and-fish From your description it is not clear what you are actually doing. What are those files? How and where do you add them? And what do you mean with "ith succesive attempts still failing to read the added files" - what exactly does not work?

  • @jsulm
    Generally the code as is compiles fine on Qt 4.8, but for dock icon functionality using Qt 5 needs a slight amount of modification.

    In my recent issue, 6 files need to be modified, and 2 files need to be added.

    1 of those files is the .pro with the extra two files needing to be added.

    Generally I just drag over copies of 4 of the files to be modified plus the two new ones.
    Then modify the .pro adding those two new ones.
    Then build and it will give an error, so I will then use the error output to take me to the final file to amend then finish compiling succesfully.

    However, sometimes it never hits the error and finishes compiling with a lack of dock icon functionality.

    I then assume either the makefile is bypassing it somehow, or the file is already built through the first compile run,

    What I mean about successive attempts is that using clean, or by deleting the obvious Qt created files, still end with a completed compile that never spits out the error and lacks functionality.

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