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jom.exe on multicore processor

  • Hi all,

    Does "-j" switch work for jom.exe as for make ? (Qt 5.7 Qt Creator 4.1.0 )

    I have Linux development machine and in project configuration I set argument for make -j6 and I can see that computer is speeding up.

    My second development machine is Windows 10 (Qt 5.7 Qt Creator 4.1.0 fresh install), there is no difference in build time if I set or not -j parameter. On Windows I'm using msvc2015 32Bit and jom.exe but I'm pretty sure somewhere was written that -j parameter is supported by jom

    So how can I utilize multicore processor on Windows 10?

    Best Regards

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    it's actually the purpose of jom to use all available cores.
    So you do not need to specify any parameter to do so, since it does it by default.

  • ahh...
    Thanks for reply.

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