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Can QWebKit be used to run Qt App on Server side?

  • I have come across the QWebKit and studied it a bit from the Advanced Qt Programming book. What is not completely clear to me is whether using the QWebKit allows me to have the following setup. Let's assume that I have an existing desktop application written with Qt. Instead of installing and running it on individual workstations, I would like to run it on a server and users can access and run it in a private session through a webclient that runs on the users' workstations. Can this be realized with QWebKit? If so, does anybody have a pointer on how to accomplish this?

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    AFAIK; no, QtWebKit provides the means to build application that need to access web stuff not be a backend server side.

  • For example, with remote X11 connection you can access QtWebKit running on server like any other application

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