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Platform "EGLFS" could not open display

  • Hi guys,
    I am trying to reduce Qt source, and my version is qt-everywhere-opensource-src-5.6.0, and it's working on Debian 8.2 without GUI. All thing will be run on an embedded instrument named "ITX-N29" with x86 architecture. I want to remove some unnecessary features in configuration, and the description of the situation is here.
    My application used qt quick and opengl, so I add "-linuxfb" and "-eglfs" to my configure file when I compile the Qt source code, after my compile and testing, commands "./application -platform linuxfb" in the terminal will run the application successfully, but it's a pity that it failed to load the pages which used "opengl", it crashed. And "./application -platform eglfs" could not run the app, the warning is "Could not open display".
    I have installed libgles2-mesa-dev and libgl1-meas-dev, the opengl libraryies will be fine. So I think my configure file may be wrong, the platform should be "eglfs_kms", and my configure file should add "-kms", but I failed again, the message is "KMS support cannot be enabled due to functionality tests", which is my question. then, I come here and ask for your help.

    Please advice.

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