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Qt Widgets & Qt Quick

  • I'm working on an embedded Linux target board. Which Qt as per subject line would be recommended to develop GUI for my embedded board applications?

  • Qt Quick is designed for GUI modern development, has many benefits over Qt Quick (maintainability, easy customisation, etc...), it represents the future, and should always be the first choice for new products, unless there are issues with it, or the project benefits from other choices. For example:

    • if you have existing, important components implemented as QWidgets, it could make sense to base the whole UI on QWidgets.
    • Similarly, if the current QML implementation on the platform has restrictions or defects, you may need to use QWidgets.
    • Etc..

  • I see. what if my current embedded Linux software blocks use C source codes, is it still advisable to use QtQuick for my GUI development? or better to use QtWidget for my GUI development?

    I'm a little confused as to how to combine my embedded Linux board source codes with that of Qt GUI source codes. Do you've any advice as how I may integrate these two together? Do I actually put my embedded source codes into Qt GUI source codes as well?

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