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Linux Mint and Qt Designer 5.5.1 Issue

  • Hi everyone,

    I'm using Linux Mint 18 'Sarah' . I installed "qt-sdk" package from the software manager.

    However, whereas Qt Creater is version 5.5.1, Qt Designer is installed as version 4.8.7 .
    Normally, it doesn't matter for me, but I have to install a framework which is called as caQtDM Framework.

    I've already installed that framework to my Ubuntu system and it works fine with Qt Designer 5.5.1 (It doesn't work with 4.8.7). The plugins are failed.

    In Linux Mint, since I have to run the framework, I should access Qt Designer 5.5.1. However, I couldn't install that version. In ubuntu, when I install "qt-sdk", it came with that package.

    How can I do/install or upgrade Qt Designer 4.8.7 to 5.5.1 ?

    Thanks in advance..

  • @fortyff

    I installed using the installer package from and it includes Qt 5.7 and Qt Creator 4.1. The version numbers are not connected. The Creator plugins are the same as Creator though, including Designer.

    I'm running Ubuntu and find that running the version provided on a better solution for me than the packaged version. I would recommend the same for you.


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