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¿Canvas in QtQuick 1.1?

  • You can draw lines , curves, circles and shapes in QtQuick 1.1 ?
    I did not find any example to do.

    it could create a dynamic image that serves as a canvas ?
    QML tell that c ++ to draw and return the image?

    I try to make a style program Mspaint (bitmap)
    and other Inkscape style and autocad (vector)

    also I wanted to do something similar to what happens in the video game worms
    That scenario is an image and when it explodes draw something so dynamic alpha channel. and worms detect the alpha channel and to walk and hit the stage.

  • Is there a reason you can't use QtQuick 2.5+? You can draw in the canvas: Examples here

  • I can not use QtQuick 2.5+ because I'm doing the program for symbian . I saw that in QtQuick 2.5+ is easy to do.
    The closest thing I found is to create a " Image " in QML and update it with c ++ still do not probe and not so fluid that can be .

    The other thing I came up with is to use the shadereffect . as only it works on cell and linux fails I could not experiment with that. but from what I saw I can not use the shader effect to return results. for example, that pixels are transparent and which are not .

    edit: in this video you can see what I 'm doing. I am speaking in Spanish . still she has no subtitles

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