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How to bring modeless QDialog with parent on top?

  • I have several modeless dialogs with the same parent. I want to bring one of them on top of others after button click in the parent window.
    I do this in signal handler:


    However it doesn't work. Dialog is activated but stays behind other dialogs. How to make it work properly?

  • Interesting, I found out that I can reproduce the issue only on Xfce. KDE, MATE and Openbox works fine. It may be a bug in Xfwm4 (or a bug in Qt that appears only with Xfwm4).

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    Just as a note,
    i saw this in Qt5.5 on linux mint with xcfe4.
    For me it looked like the windows
    manager didnt really wanted to raise anything but
    did not test for long.

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