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my Qt project not building .

  • My qt project not building .2 days ago i build and release this small project for linux. after that i starts doing things to compile to windows on linux platform .I preserve all file in git repo. now for cross compiling i change path of project bin and use mingw-32.static etc .but i failed to compile it for window then when i open qt creater after that my project is not building it and shows less file in project( ) with error as shown in screenshot..
    but my folder have much .cpp file than qt listing cpp files ( my all file push in git repository last time when all thing working well ( project) help to save my effort in building this project and compile it agian for linux. I am new to qt .

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    It would be more useful to have the code of your project in your git rather than the build artifacts.

  • @SGaist what code i made code inside qtcreater (by adding class and edit xml files etc.) . I have only project file nothing else i upload whole folder in git.(if another codes then plz tell me where this code resides in my pc?) . [i am lazy for creating .gitignore]

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    I don't know where you stored the files. Qt Creator adds them where you tell him it to do.

    What XML editing ? If you create a widget with designer you don't have to fiddle with any XML, it's done for you automatically.

  • @SGaist please tell me. if i reinstall qt .can i able to open this git repository debug project on it and build it again. or I need some more specific files to do this.because i didn't uninstall previous qt creater in which i build my previous project because i think it have some file which is essential for building my project again.[I think after reinstalling qt all configuration become default and start working for my linux again]

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    Your git repository doesn't contain any project so re-installing Qt won't help.

    I don't know where you put your project so it's likely the first thing you should search on your computer.

  • I find out I used qt creater (download size around 80MB). is there need of qt sdk for Building and Deployment of it or not? because qt creater itself show me running project....
    If I do something wrong please correct me .

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    Like I already wrote, your git repository, at least the master branch doesn't contain any Qt project only build artifacts.

    So from the looks of it you are trying to work inside the build directories rather that from your project sources.

    So just nuke these build folders, open the .pro file you should have somewhere on your computer and start from there. And before that, delete the .pro.user file in the project folder if you have any so you'll re-configure things properly.

  • Thank you @SGaist
    Now my project is running well.
    I did two mistake:

    1. I delete the main project and save only artifacts.(Build_folder) (after i found Project in trash :p );
    2. I didnt delete pro.user file :)

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