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what different for Free version and Enterprise version in Qt

  • In Enterprise version, I find I still need to find out the sparse solution in google or forum for my Qt problem.

    But the document and information always are small and little.

    If I can't find solution by googling keyword , then it still be pending or stop.

    It doesn't make my project more speed when I use the enterprise version.

    Is it a normal situation?

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Well the docs are the same docs for both.
    but if you own a license for Qt, you have access to support.¨

    Also some components are only available in enterprise. Or at least used to be.
    now QChart is "fee" too. So also about how u can distribute the app.
    With free you must use dynamic libs, but with license you can use static (one exe)

    But the learning curve and samples and forum are the same :)

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