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PatchQT - Fully automatized patch solution

  • Hey everyone!

    Now, I've developed a cross-platform full application update/patch-suite in QT, with the following features:

    Patch Creator:

    • Takes a deployment folder as 'input' or 'basis' if you will.
    • Automatically builds differential-patches from earlier versions (on file basis)
    • Combines and compresses (using LZMA) all the differentials + metadata into a single binary
    • Uploads it to distribution servers under a product key/guid

    Patch Client Library (Pure C/C++):

    • Configurable by setting parameters in the API
    • Can be integrated into applications using the C header (C# bindings are available)
    • Simple API with functions as 'CheckForUpdate', 'DownloadUpdate', 'ApplyUpdate' with progress/completion/failure callbacks
    • Patching supports in-place updating, which means the exe can update itself (of course changes are not in effect before a restart of the application)

    Now, my question is, anyone want to come with any feedback, or maybe critic of this system? Would this be interesting for people here at Qt? The system is of course not only limited to Qt, it's simply just developed using Qt.

    Also, if anyone would be interested in testing the system I would be happy to grant free access so you can use it for applications (it'll take a few days before I package everything tho!)

    Kind Regards! And hope to hear from you guys!

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    Sounds pretty nice.

    Looks something that could be integrated within the Qt Installer Framework. Any thoughts about that ?

  • That sounds pretty interesting, I would definitely be interested in that course, if anyone thought it could be useful! Let's discuss that further on PM's?

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