Has Anyone Been able to compile the AWS C++ SDK and integrate it into a Qt Project using QtCreator?

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    I need to find a good solution for a backend for a Qt application. Unfortunately Qt has discontinued my solution out from under my feet. Given that AWS has a C++ SDK available using the CMake build system (completely unfamiliar with that) and QtCreator can use the CMake build system... I thought I would be able to bang away at it and sort it out.... sheeesh.. no luck. I use the AWS SDK for Java all the time in my day job. It is well written and a clean api. I think this would solve many peoples problems if we can sort out how to get this SDK compiling with Qt !!

    Any thoughts????

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    You need to give a bit more of details about what problems you have with the AWS C++ SDK.

    Also, you should share the version of Qt you are using, the platform and compiler.

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