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DropArea signals seem wonky. Entered, exited, dropped aren't when I expect.

  • The Entered, exited, and dropped signals aren't being emitted when I would expect them to be. I've created a DropZone thusly:

    import QtQuick 2.7
    DropArea {
        id: dropArea
        height: 120; width: 120
        onEntered: console.log("enter")
        onExited: console.log("exit")
        onDropped: console.log("drop")
        Rectangle {
            id: rect
            anchors.fill: parent
            color: "grey"
            border.color: "black"
            border.width: 4

    When I drag an item over this I get no signal. When I drop it the first time I get no signal. However - if I move it around within the DropZone (without dragging it out) i will get both signals.

    Subsequently, when I drag the item out and drop it somewhere else the DropZone emits entered and Dropped again one last time. I never get Exited.

    Is this the expected behavior?

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