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QtWebEngine WebGL rendering GPU issue?

  • I have been using Qt Web Engine with Qt 5.5.1. The web application I am running in the Web Engine performs WebGL graphics rendering. With 5.5.1 WebGL rendering works ok, although there are some bugs with CSS. It seems to run a bit slow as I believe it is uses software rendering rather than relying on GPU hardware.

    With Qt 5.6 Web Engine appears to rely more on GPU rendering. When I run on a computer with a discrete graphics card and up-to-date graphics drivers WebGL works fine. However, if I run on a machine with lower end graphics (HD integrated graphics, etc) WebEngine WebGL does not render graphics at all. WebGL does not seem to fall back on software (non GPU) rendering if it doesn't get along with the GPU.

    Has anybody seen something similar? If so do you have a fix or workaround?

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