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Difference between Qt Creator calling qmlscene and calling it manually

  • Hi,
    I'm working on a qml module which will be used in qml files which are part of a mixed c++/qml application.
    To quickly test the qml part of the application I use qmlscene using Qt Creators external tool interface. To allow the module to be found I added it using the -I parameter. (Testing the full application can be done without setting the QML2_IMPORT_PATH because I integrated the module into a resource file)
    Now I found some slides of Vladimir Moolle from the QtDevDays2013 where he writes that setting the importPaths of the *.qmlproject file can be done to allow qmlscene to also find the files. To test that I created a pure qmlproject using Qt Creators wizard and imported my module into the example qml. Running that project with Ctrl+R with Qt Creator works just fine. Using the external tools interface however not, as qmlscene tells me that the module is not installed. So I'm wondering how does Qt Creator call qmlscene? Does it internally add "-I" parameters with all provided importpaths or is there some trick to let qmlscene use the .qmlproject file?


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