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can any one help me to access image through the camera

  • hi, i am new to qt and first time to access the camera in application.i am using QGraphicsview to dislay image,
    trying to access image through the ids uEye camera in char * Buffer.
    but it showing empty

    INT dummy = 0;
    bool bDraw = true;
    double fps;
    char *pLast = NULL, *pMem = NULL;

    is_GetActSeqBuf (m_hCamera, &dummy, &pMem, &pLast);
    m_pLastBuffer = pLast;

    DrawImage (pLast);

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    Is your camera supported by the OS ? e.g. can it be seen as a webcam ?

    You should also provide which model of camera you are using as well as framework to access it.

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