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Connection to Bluetooth Device With SPP that requires a PIN Code

  • I have been working on QT and Raspberry Pi3 for months. I lived lots of problem. I saw that QT supports Raspberry Pi3 and I bought it. After that I saw it is not easy as I thought. I want to learn QT on embedded systems. Because of problems I am about to leave it.

    This is my last try to continue. I want to connect a bluetooth spp device from Raspberry Pi3 and get some data.

    Now I have one problem again. Device wants me to enter a pin code. But QT does not give any interface to enter pin code.

    I couldn't pair devices with btscanner example. It gives error : AuthenticationFailed.

    There are lots of problems to stop me. Whatever I want to do, I couldn't develop and run it.

    I have searched on internet, some people said something about DBus but there is no detail about it. Could any pure-minded person help me, please?

    How can pair device, send data to and get data from it? Until now, nobody has written anything working about bluetooth.

    I have wasted lots of time because of QT and wrong information on the internet.

  • if I pair my bluetooth device from raspian. btscanner shows they were paired. But when I try to connect it it gives a new error. :)

    qt.bluetooth.bluez: void QBluetoothSocketPrivate::_q_readNotify() 15 error: -1 "Resource temporarily unavailable" QT, Linux, Raspberry have lots of problems for every steps:)

    If someone can solve problem above, I have this problem in the next step:)

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