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Qt 5.7 on Linux - Fine, OSX - Fine, Windows - web engine crashes

  • I've been building an application for a while now and I built primarily on Qt 5.6, everything working great across Linux, OSX, Windows.

    I updated Linux to 5.7 two weeks ago, no issues.
    Updated OSX to 5.7 last week, no issues.
    Updated Windows (10) to 5.7 this morning - cannot get QtWebEngineProcess to stop crashing.

    Doesn't matter if it's release, debug, x64, x86 - whatever.

    Environment is VS 2015 (and have been using that all along for the past several months using Qt 5.6.

    Figuring maybe it's my code, I switched to using Qt Creator Enterprise edition to build the nanobrowser sample - fully expecting it to work.

    Sadly, all versions of nanobrowser also crash on startup. x64, x86, release, debug - no matter - they all crash at exactly the same time.

    Again, nothing changed except I uninstalled 5.6, then installed 5.7 (both msvc 2015 and the msvc 2015 x64.)

    All the rest of the Qt functionality my application uses is fine (lots of Qt Quick 2.0 code.)
    Also, in my application as long as it doesn't navigate anywhere the web view will come up - only upon navigation will my code crash.

    The nanobrowser sample auto-navs to the Qt website, so it always crashes at startup after a second or two.

    Anyone run into this?

  • BTW, reverting to Qt 5.6.0 restores all functionality, both in quicknanobrowser and my application.

    Platform is Windows 10 x64, fully updated.

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