Problem with the trayicon , when application is closed the icon still in the tray

  • Hello all
    i have problem that the icon doesn't clean it self after i close my application and make sure to clean the icon from the tray
    the icon still remain there , only after i move my mouse pointer over the icon it disappear .
    how can i prevent it to stay there after application closing , im using windows xp 32 sp 2?

  • I think, tjis is not an application problem, it's a windows problem. I often see that for processes, I quit which have a tray icon, the icon stays there till you move the mouse over it :-(

  • You have to manually hide the tray icon (for example at the closeEvent of the main window).

    void MainWidget::closeEvent(QCloseEvent* event)


    @ ... will do the trick.

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