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Regarding QtCustomPlot for plotting the data in real-time

  • I'm making certain changes to the existing code on BLE heart listener application. I am interested in plotting the values of the heart rate measurement characteristic in real-time. I followed the basic tutorial on QCustomPlot for real-time plotting of the data, however, I am not sure about how can I use it with QtQuick. I mean in the main.cpp, already a view will be handled which allows user to select the relevant device from the list of available BLE devices. So should I create another .cpp file for plotting purpose and create the object of that class in the class which is getting the heart rate measurement characteristic value. I am very confused about how can this be achieved. Any kind of guidance or pseudo code will help. Thank you.
    Link: BLE heart listener: http://doc.qt.io/qt-5/qtbluetooth-heartlistener-example.html

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    You will not be able to use the QCustomPlot widget inside the QML Window.

  • So can I create another .cpp in the same project for the window. Or any other suggestion that can be considered to implement the plotting functionality, can I use QWT?

  • please help me .i too having same question.about how to plot real time graph.can any one hv idea

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