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QBluetooth discover devices?

  • I have been having troubles the past few days following the documentation there seems to be a lot of small issues with the QBluetoothDeviceDiscoveryAgent in particular and most of the examples I have saw are from one year ago or more. What I am trying to do is call a method to display the list of discovered devices within range to my host device. Is there a simple way to accomplish this task so that the discovered devices are printed lets say using printf or cout for the simplicity ? thank you

  • What platform are you running your code on? I hope its not windows because according to the documentation Qt Bluetooth API is not supported on the platform.
    The supported platforms are Android, iOS, Linux (BlueZ 4.x/5.x) and OS X.

  • For Reference check out
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  • @herlarbee Im using Mac El Cap. Thanks I will check out your link.