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Seeking with QMediaPlayer

  • This is not a question but a solution. I tried to play a sound file not at the beginning but with an offset of 20 seconds.

    The following fails:
    @player = new QMediaPlayer(this);
    player->play(); // music can be heard
    qDebug() << player->isSeekable(); // is always false
    player->setPosition ( 20*1000 ); //does not work@

    It does not work because QMediaPlayer works asynchronously.
    As soon as the seek operations are delayed everything works as intended. For example:

    qDebug() << player->isSeekable(); // true
    player->setPosition ( 20*1000 );

    This should be mentioned in the documentation. For Qt we have the "fantastic new online version": where annotations can be posted. Unfortunately Mobility is not yet integrated.

  • You could always make this into a little wiki article here on QtDevNet until such time as the mobility stuff is added to the docs here. Then you could add a docnote that links to the wiki article.

  • On popular request here is the article in the wiki. As a bonus it comes with a blocking setMedia() method.

  • could any one explain me this thing coz i also want o seek a video and i didnt get it how it works in the 2nd code which is written above
    Plz help

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