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Issues with framelesswindow dragging

  • I'm trying to implement a custom decorator bar for my application but I ran into a couple of issues.

    I'm developing & testing on Ubuntu 16.04.1, AMD64 using Qt Creator 4.0.3 with Qt 5.7.0.

    First issue: the window is shaking when position is changed
    Second issue: the windows does not touch the top panel unless maximized

    Here is the code to the MouseArea :

    MouseArea {
                        Layout.fillWidth: false
                        Layout.fillHeight: true
                        Layout.preferredWidth: decoratorBar.width - windowControl.width
                        cursorShape: Qt.PointingHandCursor
                        acceptedButtons: Qt.LeftButton
                        property point clickPos
                        onPressed: {
                            clickPos = Qt.point(mouse.x,mouse.y)
                        onPositionChanged: {
                            var delta = Qt.point(mouse.x - clickPos.x, mouse.y - clickPos.y)
                            applicationWindow.x = applicationWindow.x + delta.x
                            applicationWindow.y = applicationWindow.y + delta.y

    Any ideeas?
    Thank you.

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