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What is wrong in my OpenGL deployment?

  • I developed my desktop OpenGL app on Windows 10 using MSVC 2013 with Qt5.6.0 (msvc2013_64) and Visual Studio plugin. It works fine on Windows 10 but I am having a tough time trying to run it after installation on Windows 7 (using advanced installer). I already tried installing various Visual C++ redistributables which didn't address the issue and now suspect that the problem has to do with ANGLE emulator of OpenGL which I expect to be utilized. I installed the following list of OpenGL-related dll(s) . BTW - installation msi does include everything suggested by windeployqt tool.


    but my application still gets in trouble.
    The documentation mentions the necessity to install some DirectX dll(s) but is too vague about details. ( Did I miss something?

    Any hints?

  • I created and installed the debug version of the application. Then I used binary search to locate the line of code causing a problem. Here is what I discovered:

    • An instance of my class that is derived from QOpenGLWindow is created okay.

    • Then Qt invokes my override of InitializeGL(). In my override I invoke initializeGLFunctions() and then proceed with my initialization while checking the output of glGetError().

    • I discovered that right after a call glEnable(GL_RESCALE_NORMAL) getGetError() returns 1280 (invalid enum). How could it be? I checked the version of the current openGL context format and it is 2.0. I was under the impression that GL_RESCALE_FORMAT was introduced in 1.2. Or is inappropriate to enable normal rescaling from inside of initializeGL() ?

  • @L_Raiz I experienced similar problems which I resolved by forcing desktop mode of openGL. See

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