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Do you want to share knowledge for qt5-gstreamer use ? just come on and do it

  • The idea is to try to do transcript gstreamer code (see the link in the file page of the public bitbucket project linked) and share test application/code (then put it in web site... mine and yours maybe... and will be happy to see the code used by other for learn or construct a tutorial by the time).
    This way should be an idea to let community guru help community newbies by improve test/example code who miss for document qt5-gstreamer.

    I try that by create a public bitbucket

    Feel free to share your knowledge by transcript and use qt5-gstreamer code in this depot public repository, and let's communicate the idea to which other hackers who would like to share to.
    Feel free to let opinion/code, change things with spirit of:
    1/ transcript a "nice" code from gstreamer example
    2/ do use clear code for do it easy
    3/ add/remove functionality for construct things nice
    4/ change design UI as you want
    5/ do modify convention code as you like (or ask for that if you would like as condition first for do help by act coding)

    bitbucket open source public project

    I hope this will show the power of open source community and document as well this qt5-gstreamer.

    I consider that:
    It is not my project, it is a project.
    Ambition is clearly to learn and share, improve a missing documentation around qt5-gstreamer.

    having fun and thank you/welcome for all contribution.

  • seems to be difficult to find helpers and contributions on this project in the community.
    maybe need more time for share the idea.
    I think ability to well know how to use qt5-gstreamer should help a lot of people.
    I think these one know to use it already never read this post (or keep the secrets like diamonds maybe ).

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    Often posts sail away so new people might not see them.
    So even a good idea , it will take some time to get people to notice the project :)

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    To add to @mrjj, it also depends on how mainstream the project is, thus how many people are interested in seeing it through. I for one don't much care for the multimedia world, but that doesn't necessarily mean that there aren't other people. Also take note that gstreamer is popular mostly in the *nix world, so there's a whole lot of developers on windows that are unaware/uninterested ...

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