What's wrong with QMainWindow::show()

  • I installed Kubuntu 16.04. The Qt version is 5.5.1.
    g_mainWin=new MainWindow;
    The program was crash on g_mainWin->show(), but it was running fine in Linuxmint 17.1. How can I find the problem. I have no idea. Qt Creator debug had no more information with the problem. SOS.

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    Hi and welcome
    You should try with default GUI project and see it run so we know
    qt install is ok.

    Then can you show the constructor of MainWindow ?
    No reason to crash on show unless its some of the other widgets that crash.

  • @mrjj It's very strange. It was woking when I use valgrind Memory Analyzer in Qt Creator. But it was crash when run or press F5 to debug.

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    did you try with break point in constructor and single step?

    Does a default project works?

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