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Designer doesn't start on Windows 10 (Qt 5.7)

  • Hello all.

    I yesterday installed Qt 5.7 on my new Windows 10 system and found that the designer didn't start. The executable run without an error but there was no GUI showing up.

    I tried to re-install Qt but this did not help.

    Therefore I debugged the designer.exe and found that the process was constantly hanging in some call into Qt5WebEngineWidgets.dll.
    I removed all Qt5Web*.dll from Qt's bin dir and voila the designer started!

    Is this a known bug? And does anybody know what to do (besides from deleting the DLLs of course)?


  • Hi, welcome to the Qt forum! It's a known bug, see QTBUG-53984 and for a workaround.

  • Thanks for the hint.

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