QPushButton autorepeat on touch screens with MS-Windows

  • The autorepeat-feature does not work with MS-Windows.

    When I touch and hold my finger down I get a rectangle on the screen. I think this is the normal methode to simulte a right mouseclick on windows to open the context menu.
    But I need no context menu, I will perform the autorepeat funktion of the button.

    Any ideas to manage this in Windows ?

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    Normally there is an app that can enable/disable hold to right click.
    In control panel.
    Is it laptop with touch or standalone touch screen?

  • Hello @mrjj ,
    I found nothing to configure in Windows 10 something like this - more over you need this feature to work with windows in a pure touch environment what I use.
    So disabeling would be no solution - it should be manged by Qt.

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    but does repeat work in any app ?

  • Yes with mouse-click (hold mouse button down) it works.

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    I did mean with touch in non Qt app or the like.
    Im wondering if it can work at all when touch driver converts hold to right click.

  • In QtApps and in all other Desktop-apps a long-click opens a context menu if the widget has one. If it has no a rectangle opens.
    I dont know what happens if a button has a autorepeat function, because I have no program with this feature. I will look tomorrow for a testing program.
    (The scrollbar up/down buttons work not)

  • maybe you can try to override the event on_mouse_clicked and on_mouse_release for do that and add a kind of bounce timer from there.

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