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MYSQL database connection verification

  • Hello there
    I'm programming in RPi (C++) for an application that uses a MYSQL database.
    This Database it's on another station and connected thru network, I need to verify when the other station is online or not.
    At first I connect with no problem but if the other station its turned off I never know until my application stops responding.

    Any advise... thanks

  • I already add problem with MySQL's connection and I didn't found a solution with Qt. But I have time before release so I stopped wondering.

    The only ideas I got:

    • using some flags for MySQL: MYSQL_OPT_RECONNECT (see:
      But it didn't seem to be functionnal (the library never tried to reconnect; used wireshark). For your case some more flags : MYSQL_OPT_CONNECT_TIMEOUT, MYSQL_OPT_READ_TIMEOUT, MYSQL_OPT_WRITE_TIMEOUT. Try it, may be functionnal for you.
    • build a new driver; didn't do it as it would be time consuming.

  • @lemmel Thanks for your advise.

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