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Qt and directFB: QDirectFBScreen::createDFBSurface() Failed!

  • Hi

    I'm using Qt 4.6.3 with directFB 1.4.3 on a embedded Linux system - I know these are old versions ;-)
    Only with some webpages, loading into a webView works, and when showing I get the following error:

    QDirectFBScreen::createDFBSurface() Failed!
    Flags f Caps 1000 width 782 height 30000 pixelformat 418c04 4 preallocated 0x0 0
    Invalid argument!
    (#) DirectFBError [Couldn't create surface createDFBSurface(QImage, QImage::Format, SurfaceCreationOptions)]: Invalid argument!

    Is there somebody who is more experienced with directFB in conjunction with Qt and can shed some light on this?
    I'd really appreciate any suggestion on how to track this down.


  • Somebody an idea where I could get some help/hints with this?

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    You can try posting on the interest mailing list. You'll find there Qt's developers/maintainers.

  • @SGaist Thanks.