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QML ListView crashes on fast interactions

  • Hello,
    my Widget-Application used for some task a QQuickWidget. Here I show a ListView with some Delegates filled from a C++ QList<QObject*>. The Delelgates are a little bit complex, they calculate the size,color,style of some embedded QMLElemets and its total size itselve.
    During touch-scrolling it crashes sometimes. I dont know exactly the conditions, but it does not like fast kinetic scrolling with finger touch multiple times. Especialy at end of the list it crashes often.
    When I scroll carefully it works - but this is not the normal behavior of a user. So I think it is a bug in Qt which has to do with timing !?
    Who knows this but and how I can avoid it?

    A second question:
    From Android I am used to stop a automatic kinetic scrolling via a simple touch down. Can I enable this feature in Qt?

    I use Window 10 and Qt 5.6.0 MSVC 2016

  • Have same issue on Android too: fast interactions (clicking on ListView items) causes app to crash. On linux works fine.

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