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Use of a DLL written in Delphi Xe2

  • Hi,

    I have to use functions from a Delphi Xe2 DLL and i'm having some troubles.

    I use QLibrary to dynamically load the DLL at run time. All the functions are found in the DLL by the resolve function but when i call the first function (init function) my app crashes and exit with code 0.

    Maybe the problem comes from my function prototypes definition :

    typedef int (WINAPI *Init_ptr) ();

    In the doc :
    "Function Init : integer ; stdcall "
    return 0 if no error

    It's the first time i'm using a library (moreover in Delphi) so i don't know where is the problem.

    Any help/explanation about my problem or about DLL in general will be useful.


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    @Zoptune Did you verify that Init_ptr actually points to the function?

  • @jsulm Yes... i think ^^

    typedef int (WINAPI *Init_ptr) ();
    Init_ptr Init=NULL;
        int res=Init();  // The app crashes here

    Am I doing something wrong ?

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    @Zoptune Looks good. Do you have a stack trace?

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    By the way, is there a special reason for not leaving the OS loader to resolve the symbols instead of explicitly doing it with QLibrary?

  • @Zoptune
    Your doc doesn't seems to be helpful.

    Are you sure that this library is operational with your build ? I know that Windows doesn't like to mix library build mixed (one with CRT of Visual Studio 2003, with another library using the crt of Visual Studio 2015).

    Furthermore « crash » is not helpful, because the cause of the crash maybe intern to your library (i.e. you make a good call, but the library doesn't initialize well); don't you have an error message/code ?

    Did you test to load that library with a regular and plain hello world in visual studio ?

    Hope all my questions will help you.

    P.S. : I suppose that you don't have the code of the library but must use it ? Can't you ask the support an C++ example ?

  • @jsulm

    Thx all for your replys. The problem came from inside the function of the DLL.

    In fact, the library allow me to do some task on a machine.
    This machine is connected to my LAN.

    The problem was that the machine has a fixed IP address and this IP was out of my LAN.
    Had to use Wireshark to find the problem ^^

    Thx for help :)

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